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VoiceTown taught me how to use
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VoiceTown teaches me how to
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Some important facts about us

Based on Science
Developed by an electrical engineer, the science of sound was used to create the VoiceTown program. Sound waves and frequencies, as well as mouth, lip, and tongue placement help teach the sounds of English.
Proven Teaching Methods
The VoiceTown lessons were designed using the application of brain research to classroom practice. Proven teaching and learning techniques were also incorporated into the instruction.
Audio and Visual Cues
Rather than mimic a word, you will be taught to say the individual sounds that make up words and learn to combine them to correctly say any word in the English language.
Gain Confidence
Because you will be able to speak clearly and understand what others are saying, VoiceTown will give you the confidence to communicate in a variety of situations – personal, academic, and professional.

words from our students


Nalini, India
VoiceTown is really useful to me to read and write better. It also helps me to read faster. Before I came to the class, my reading was not good. When I started reading VoiceTown, it helped me to read easily and also understand words.
Ela, Poland
VoiceTown gave me the confidence to use my English, which helped to improve it even more, and has helped me a lot in understanding native speakers better.
Natalia, Ukraine
The VoiceTown program has been very helpful to me. Before, I had no idea how to pronounce some words and Americans didn't understand me. I was always afraid to say any words. But now, I'm confident in my pronunciation and I'm so happy to have learned VoiceTown.
Renuka, India
Since childhood, we have studied British English, so in American english, some letters like 't', 'R', and 'th' sound different. VoiceTown has helped me to understand American English better.